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Available Programs

The following programs are available from the collections of the Society and are recorded on CD for computer projection to groups.

  1. Barns and Farms – a look at local farms and nostalgic barns that are rapidly disappearing as development expands and farms cease to be profitable
  2. Building the Sanitary and Ship Canal – a collection of photos recording the project by the Sanitary District of Chicago to build a deep canal for removing waste from Chicago sewage and provide a shipping canal to the Illinois River.
  3. CCC and WPA Sites around Lemont that were built in the 1930s as a government – sponsored work program.
  4. Limestone – the main resource of Lemont for many years from the digging of the I&M Canal up to about 1920.
  5. Postcards – from the collection of over 200 postcards covering early views and up to the present time with scenes of modern Lemont
  6. Quarries and Springs – one of Lemont’s main attractions and now a recreational area for tourists and residents
  7. Secret Treasures – natural areas with beauty and religious places of interest from Lemont’s many religious shrines and churches.
  8. Evaluating Pre-Columbian Art Murals in Mexico
  9. Lemont Highlights – a selection of places around Lemont of interest to tourists.
  10. The history of Rolls Royce
  11. The Wright Brothers and the first airplanes. Aviation pioneers of Lemont.

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