Steps In Finding HVAC Cleaning Expert For Your Air Duct

Should You Need To Hire An Air Duct Specialist?


Most homes have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system with ducts for cold and warm air, cooling the home during summer and warming it during winter. Over some time, these ducts will become dirty, reducing the efficiency of the HVAC system. The dirty HVAC system will also adversely affect the health of the people living in the home. 


Hence it is important to find a good technician, for cleaning the ducts of the HVAC system, repairing and replacing the ducts in some cases. One of the best methods to find a suitable technician is by checking the reviews online and offline. There are a large number of websites, directories which are listing duct cleaning service providers and also allow the customers to rate the service providers.


Though the reviews can be manipulated in some cases, usually the service providers who have better ratings from customers are providing better services. 


It is also advisable to choose a service provider which has a larger number of reviews since it is likely to be well established and providing services for a longer period. Companies that have been in business for a longer period have more experienced staff who can provide professional services compared to a business with less experienced staff.

Look For Duct Cleaning Professional With Agreements


While there are many technicians offering cleaning, repair services for ducts, in addition to checking reviews, comparing the prices, it is also important to check the warranty which is offered. Depending on the cleaning equipment and supplies which are used as well as their experience in duct cleaning, repairs the warranty offered by the technicians will vary. In some cases, the technician will offer a warranty of only three months, while in other cases, the warranty will be offered for a longer period of one year or more.


Cheap contractors will usually not offer any kind of warranty for the work they do, since they have very low margins. They may also use cheaper material, so the customer may face problems with the cleaning or duct repairs after a few months. Hence it is better to spend more money to hire a contractor offering a warranty of at least one year on the duct cleaning, repair, or replacement services provided.


Check Reviews From The Past Client Of The AC Duct Company


Though it is easy to access the reviews of the duct cleaners online, property owners should be aware that the reviews online are more easily manipulated. Companies can pay internet users to post positive as well as negative reviews, since there is usually no independent verification, that it was the reviewer who used the service. 


Hence in these cases, it is better to find the contact details of some customers who have already used the services of the technician. The property owner can then contact the customer and ask them for their honest opinion about the services which were provided. People are less likely to lie to someone who has contacted them on phone to get their feedback on the service they have used.